SmileSafari Wood (6/6 Ppl.)

Camping Valkanela by SmileCamp

The youngest member of the SmileCamp family is our SmileSafari Wood tent and leaves nothing to be desired when it comes to amenities. In addition to the living space of 27,5 square meters, there is also a 13,75m² large covered wooden veranda. There is a wooden floor throughout the tent. From the outside, the SmileSafari Wood looks very similar to the SmileLodge and appears larger despite it's 27,5m ². Of course inside you find the complete SmileCamp equipment with microwave, lounge chairs, coat stands, high fridge freezer and of course the safe for your valuables. Because summer and grilling go together, we provide a barbecue on sites where it is allowed. The lounge veranda is attractively lit up just right for a barbecue. Of course we didin't forget the corkscrew, because Italy without wine - that would be like a holiday without SmileCamp.

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