SmilePanorama Lodge (6/6 Ppl.)

Camping Valkanela by SmileCamp

Sometimes it's the detail that make the difference. So the roof of this new SmileCamp category in warm earth tones around harmonises perfectly with the comfortable pleasant hardwood floors and the natural environment. In addition our SmilePanorama Lodges are furnished with comfortable and high-quality manufactured wooden furniture (except for the bed frames). This gives the extra bit of holiday feeling, which you just deserve. New color, new equipment, new extras: All SmilePanorama accommodations are equipped with a safe to keep your valuables safe. But not only the place and the safety were important to us, but also the convenience. Thus all SmilePanoramas have a second entrance to the kitchen, a large fridge/freezer, a coffee machine and two lounge chairs. Yes, you read correctly, when you SmileCamp you have two lounge chairs, because after all, both parents want to relax sometimes.

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